If you want to start your own brewery, or you are interested “why” breweries take forever to open, you need to read this short summary. The TTB will be the easiest agency!

1. You can file online with exception of the Brewer’s Bond & Power of Attorney.

2. Power of Attorney is not required. If you are starting a corporation, I would recommend a Power of Attorney. If you are a sole proprietorship, I would recommend against a Power of Attorney until you decide to incorporate.

3. Upload documents such as bank statements, loan papers, identification and brewery layout.

4. Mail in Brewer’s Bond and a personal check for the bond will be processed QUICKER.

5. Wait one week and call the TTB to find out who is processing your paperwork. Once you find out who is processing the package, call them and leave a message with all of your contact information. Their internal computer system is not always working correctly.

6. This is the TTB online permits website: https://ttbonline.gov/permitsonline/

7. Your application can not be finalized until you have a signed copy of the lease. That’s right. You will pay on a lease without generating any revenue!

8. This inital process takes about 45-60 days. You can submit all paperwork without signing the lease. When they are ready to approve, you need the lease signed in order to finalize.

8. Once this is complete, you will submit your labels to their online COLA website: www.ttbonline.gov

9. Label approval takes about a week. If you need exact goverment wording, check out my bottle labels pics at: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.299944390070969.71306.118731071525636&type=3 Keg labels: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Mad-Lab-Craft-Brewing/118731071525636#!/photo.php?fbid=302460359819372&set=a.195730023825740.49708.118731071525636&type=1&theater

10. Submit paperwork to the ABC: http://www.abc.ca.gov/

11. This is the link to look up your California branch office: http://www.abc.ca.gov/distmap.html

12. This is the paperwork you need:  ABC140, ABC208A, ABC208B, ABC211SIG, ABC217, ABC253, ABC255, ABC257NR, ABC616