There are 50 breweries in the San Diego area and more are planning to open in 2012/13. With so many breweries in one geographical area, the consumer is in a playground of craft beer heaven. Lets break things down to their basic element, shall we! All 50 breweries are serving an incredible craft beer product, and they are proud to talk about their product, especially, the origin of how they became a professional brewery. I completely understand their position, and I will be in the same situation very soon. However, what makes their product or brewery slightly different than the other 50+ breweries? Is it the craft beer? Is it the atmosphere? Is it a combination of both? Or, is it something different? For example, every brewery offers an IPA. Do all 50+ IPAs taste different than eachother? This is something to think about. Why am I pondering this perplexing questioning?

Building a brewery for the first time is a challenging experience, but devising a marketing plan that is constantly changing to entice the craft beer connsisseur is another feat. San Diego is the Nirvana of craft beer country! We are fortunate to witness such an incredible movement toward quality, hand crafted beer that is always reaching new heights. Because of these bold statements, what is the answer to this perplexing question? Is it a question, or is it a challenge? Do brewery owners and brewers stay in this industry because it is constantly evolving? As brewery owners and affiliated staff, we welcome the challenge. In fact, we thrive from the energy it eminates! What a fantastic way to wake up every morning. We look forward to brewing every style of hand crafted liquid gold because we are proud of our creation, and we are excited to see your, the consumer, facial expression. Yes, this is the answer!

What about the marketing? What steered you to that particular brewery? When you come in, I would love to hear the answer.