The days of Prohibition are long gone, but they are not forgotten. Countless wooden barrels were destroyed in hope to restore good values, the reality was craft beer can not be stopped or hindered. Today, we enjoy the creative soul that combined malt, hops, water and yeast in different variations of tasteful bliss. I tip my brew paddle to those individuals that continue to experiment with this simple 4 ingredient combination.

What does it take to make this brewing dream a reality? The first answer I hear is, “A lot of money.” True, however, is it not the only ingredient that is required. No! Of course, you have to know how to brew fantastic beer. In other words, you have to know what people want. What else is required? An education in science or business. I believe both is required. What is the last needed ingredient? Guts! The ability to throw everything to wind and say, “I am going for it.” Say to yourself, “I will figure out a way to make my dream a reality!”

Easier said than done. The amount of planning and paperwork that is required is incredible. The amount of patience, maturity and the amount will power to want to succeed will make you want to scream. You have to love what you do, or you will never make it. No amount of money can take the place of sheer WILL POWER, every brewer owner has experienced it.

So, what makes the brewing dream a reality? The pure WILL POWER to want to succeed and not allowing anyone to steer you from your DESIRE. That’s right! Will Power & Desire. Everything else will follow.