The theme of Mad Lab Craft Brewing, not marketing, started as a way for me to escape from the corporate lifestyle that I was living. At that time, my life was chaotic and tiring. The brewing aspect initiated the creativity, but I needed a parallel universe of my own to create. Because my own working life was insane at the time, I decided to create a world that allowed me to escape for a few hours each day. In other words, I needed to Release the Madness. Hence, this is where our slogan originated!

Mad Lab is an actual character that can no longer take the demands of his chaotic lifestyle and decides to escape, underground. Even though he recaptures solitude, he is completely alone. He begins to create characters that are considered outcasts from our society. Why outcasts? Because he, Mad Lab, has escaped from the mainstream rat race, and he wants his creations to stay with him. If society has already labeled his creations as taboo, they will never want to leave his psuedo reality. Is this diabolical? If this existed in reality, I would agree there is something terribly wrong with this situation.

Other than the back story, why develop a character for each beer that we have in our brewing lineup? Prior to adding the yeast, we have wort that is full of simple sugars. In order to ferment the wort, we add yeast. During the fermentation stage, the beer is actually alive! Because you bring life to wort by adding yeast, the transformation from simple sugars to craft beer begins; therefore, a living character with a specific personality made sense.

So, who are they? What are their personalities? Follow the link to Meet the Mad Lab lineup:
When your day has completely drained you of your patience and good nature, Mad Lab Craft Brewing will serve you not only a fantastic hand craft ale with a dynamic personality, but we give you the opportunity to escape your daily madness.