How small is small? Is there such a thing as small, or is it purely perception? Is small, the way a person talks about a certain subject? If an individual de-emphasizes a certain subject, the audience translates this particular  subject to be small or not important. What exactly is the perception of small? Why is this important?

Small business reminds me of the Gladiator Warrior that existed in Rome. He or she is working with a small team, and they are not sure of the outcome; however, they are excited to be in the arena. They have no idea what challenge awaits them, but they are courageous to stand before the masses. Everyone in the arena is shouting with anticipation and chanting with excitement. When the ferocious challenge is released, the Gladiator is finally free! Why is the Gladiator free? This small, innovative, creative team has achieved the pinnacle of their success. Which is? They are acting upon their inner desire to achieve their dream.

Even though we are a small brewery, we have always followed our inspiration to open our own brewery in South Bay. So, how small is small? Small is the limitations we place on ourselves. We have only begun!