We have been busy the last few weeks building the tasting, updating our bar accounts on our status, throwing debris away, sanding and staining the brewery. I took a few pictures yesterday while Daphne sanded and stained the tasting bar. While she was taking care of the tasting area, I was filling the Hot Liquor tank with water and timing how long it would take for it to reach 165F. Then I transfered the water to the Mash Tun and timed the transfer time. I also transfered all the water to the Boil Kettle and timed this transfer as well.

Due to the layout is spacious, the brewing day will be much easier; in addition, the timing of these events gives me a good idea how long the brew day will last and what is needed to prepare to make it run smoothly. Also, I was able to reposition tools and hose connections to make them more accessible. Overall, we accomplished a great deal! On to what is really important.

I have checked my status on the ABC site several times this month, and the status remains the same. I have called and left a message asking what the status is of our application; however, I have not received any updates. I can say, it has been 60 days since we submitted our application to the ABC, but the ABC did say it takes 60-90 days to be completed. I hope we hear something from them in May.