Patience is a gift that I learned over several decades. Lately, I have been questioning my level of patience because everyone has a certain threshold. Once you realize you are approaching this point, you take a step back and assess the situation. In my particular case, I like to read recent brewery reviews. Sometimes, they provide pitfall insight and sometimes they are comic relief. Two days ago, I read a brewery review that provided comic relief. Yes, the review was scathing, and I felt horrible for the individual because I understand the hard work that is invested to build a brewery. I am not going to disclose the brewery’s name because I respect business and personal privacy. After I read the punishing review, I visited the brewery’s website and blog. I could not believe what I was reading. At first, I thought the commentary was a parody; however, the pictures that I viewed married the writing style perfectly.

I am not an English teacher, and I am not an incredible writer; however, I am capable of communicating in an effective manner. Each reader will paint their own image in their mind, the picture tends to be similar for all readers if the commentary is written well. In this particular brewery’s writing style, the tone made me laugh out loud. It was so funny that I shared it with all my friends. They laughed so hard that tears streamed from their eyes. Why is the communication factor an important topic for a brewery? Communicating effectively tells the consumer or potential customer, the brewer or owner’s ability to convey a message that will represent their image to the public. I am not trying to be philosophical. I making an important point. If you want your creation to be taken serious, you need to communicate this fact to your public following.

This is the first time that I have encountered a bad review about a San Diego brewery; however, the brewery received several good reviews from individual patrons. There are always two sides to any story. Maybe, this particular brewery has found their niche. Who knows?! However, I standby my communication soap box, and I proudly step upon it. The tone that I set for my brewery is dedicated toward creating craft beer that I am proud to serve in South Bay. My wife and I are proud and humble to join San Diego’s elite brewery community. We look forward to conveying this message to our public in our tasting bar.