Being completely different can have its draw backs, unless, it is translated. Many people have asked, “Why black and white labels? Is it the cost of the label?” Actually, the cost of a vinyl label is the same whether it is in color or black and white. The simple answer is being able to stand out in a competitive sea of craft breweries. Everyone’s label is in color; therefore, what is the best way for our brewery to be noticed.

Everyone sees the label, and their eyes lock on to it. People pick up the bottle because they are intrigued. They are not sure why they picked it up; however, they begin to read the label. Ultimately, small breweries have a difficult time getting the public to notice them and remain interested in them. The simple method of a clean design with basic colors has helped us stand out and bring attention to our brand.

When you see our label on a 22 ounce bottle, your eyes will gravitate toward our label because it is unique. The brand name, Mad Lab, is displayed in bold letters, and the chemical compound is an alcohol sugar. The name of the beer is written in script, which reflects the same writing style in the logo. A clean design that is simple on the eyes, but it is interesting enough to pick up. Once you taste our beer, you will become a Mad Lab Fan.