South Bay desperately needs a Homebrew Supply Store. Why? First, we do not have one. Second, have you seen the gas prices! Do we have to go broke getting to the Homebrew Store? Anyway, I know this is on everyone’s mind.

We will be selling hops, grains and yeast. It is not a huge inventory to choose from; however, we will build over time. With an economy that is in a nose dive, we will provide prices that can be digested, but we need everyone to have patience with our selections.

Honestly, the item that is holding us back from selling supplies today is hops. I have made a short list of hops to purchase, and we will make the order this month. We have to order hops soon because the brewery is running low on hops as well.

We will not sell equipment, instead, we will teach you how to make it with our DIY classes. If a DIY class is not scheduled, we welcome you to make a suggestion and we will schedule a class that fits the needs of the homebrew community.

We are not backed by an investor, therefore, we do not have deep pockets. If a particular malt, yeast or hops is not available, we apoligize for the inconvenience. We want to serve the community with quality products, but we are working on a budget as well.

I will post another blog that will show our current inventory plus prices, and you are welcome to come down and purchase what is on the list.