Welcome to the Perfect Pint!

We have a limited supplies at this time, but we will build a larger inventory over the next few weeks. We have a 3 roller grinder, so you can crush your grains. Grains are sold by the pound, Hops are sold in 2oz varieties and we have yeast packets. For any questions, call Daphne McFarland at 619-254-6478.



Rahr 2 Row ($1 p/lb)                 Biscuit Malt ($1.65 p/lb)

Crystal 15L ($1.55 p/lb)          Honey Malt ($1.65 p/lb)

Caravienne ($1.65 p/lb)          Vienna ($1.65 p/lb)

Crystal 45L ($1.55 p/lb)          Munich Type I ($1.65 p/lb)

Roasted Barley ($1.85 p/lb)   Crystal 77L ($1.55 p/lb)

Crystal 60L ($1.55 p/lb)          Peated Malt ($1.85 p/lb)

Carafa Type I ($1.85 p/lb)       Chocolate Malt ($1.85 p/lb)

Flaked Corn ($1 p/lb)                Rolled Oats ($1 p/lb)

Hops (2oz varities $3.99)

Columbus           Super Galena          Tettnanger

Williamette        Brewer’s Gold         Bullion



Fermentis US-05 (American Ale Yeast, $3.99 p/packet)                            Fermentis S-04 (English Ale Yeast, $3.79 p/packet)

White Labs Abbey Ale Yeast ($7.99 p/vial)