An eight month old Nano Brewery continues to crawl, while they learn and experience the harsh business reality world. A constant brewing schedule reflects the popularity of the craft beer lineup, but the small brewing system leaves a bitter, sweet victory. What are some of the difficult experiences the owners have encountered? What are the pitfalls of self distribution? These two questions are not specific to Mad Lab, instead, they are common to small scale breweries.

Small brewery test trials and learning experiences are necessary for growth, but the old adage is true. We grow through pain, and it takes a solid core to surge through the pain. The pain starts with, not asking the right questions. Ignorance can be bliss, but it does not lead to salvation. This is a statement that I have mastered well. If you do not have the experience to make the right decisions, you will learn through painful situations. Even though working in the brewing industry gives you experience, it does not cover every situation. Hiring the right professionals such as a lawyer and CPA is needed; however, they can not save you from every blind corner. Be prepared to experience scheduling shortfalls, delivery logistic problems, being take advantage of and hustled, inventory shortfalls, distribution problems and paying more taxes than you can imagine.

If the pain is difficult to bare, why continue to surge forward down this path? Everyone wants to be creative and academically stimulated. Everyone wants to take that independent leap, but the price of fear is steep. Once you get past the fear, the pain is not forever. Once you have stock piled a locker full of painful experiences, you know the right questions to ask and you can foresee the pitfalls ahead.

This is the reason an eight month old South Bay Nano Brewery continues to crawl. They are not aware of all the right questions to ask, but they have stored alot of painful experiences in their locker.