The exhilarating & frantic moments of deciphering a puzzle is a heart pumping, adrenaline junkie’s sweet dream. Their eyes become dilated and their hair follicles stand at attention, while their mind races faster than the speed of light. All of this natural blood pumping amphetamine feeds the desire to solve the puzzle. What happens when the puzzle is solved? Does the built up desire satisfy the puzzle solution?

The dream of making the perfect beer resides in the brewer’s puzzle. The endless combination of hops, malt, yeast and filtered water are the pieces of the puzzle that we love to put together; however, the pieces can be rearranged and changed at our beckon call. Are we looking for the perfect puzzle or do we salivate at the opportunity to chase the perfect puzzle? What keeps our interest in rearranging the pieces, so we can create a different puzzle without ever solving it?

The only person that has the answer is the consumer or Craft Beer Enthusiast (CBE). They create the exhilaration as they reach into the cooler and grab the bottle neck. Their heart starts to pump as they walk toward the cash register. As they leave the store, the CBE grips the bottle neck and peers at the logo design to check for the craft beer’s creative pulse. Craft beer pulsating, carbonating neurons travel from the pupils activating the saliva glands, which send the body into a euphoric state.

When the CBE or Craft Beer Enthusiast reaches their destination, they immediately free the craft beer from its chamber and the CBE indulges in the aroma. The ritual of pouring the craft beer into a glass is elegant and heightens the senses of sight, sound and smell. The wait is over, and the solution to the puzzle has been granted. Does the solution to the puzzle satisfy the Craft Beer Enthusiast? The answer is in the heightened arousal of your senses, and the first sip that cleanses your pallet.