As I grasped the door to open it, I realized the culmination of a year in business granted me the opportunity to forge a new path within the brewery community. Even though our new location will be one tasting bar absent, it will give Mad Lab the fuel it needs to venture into new markets. The Mad Lab Team has learned about our ability to push ourselves far beyond the comfort zone, resulting in a confident, flowing team building experience. In addition, we have met a few unique characters that have branded a mental picture in our memory bank, and their stories always create a jaw dropping moment. We would not change or regret one experience over the past year because each experience or challenge gave Mad Lab the push it needed to mature, and grow as competitive brewery in a sea of creative brewing minds.

Mad Lab will transfer its Federal and State License to the new location within one year, meaning, they have set a goal to start producing by July 2014. The one year period will give Mike the necessary time to resolve his disability with the VA. Last year, Mike discovered 3 herniated discs in his lower and middle spinal area during an MRI; in addition, he was diagnosed with spinal stenosis. Mike filed his paperwork with the VA 3 month ago, but he will be required to attend several physicals to finalize his disability claim. Once the burners turn on next July, the Mad Lab Team does not want any distractions; therefore, the one year period will allow the Mad Lab Misfits to finalize any personal loose ends.